Seeking the Dream

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Genre: Short documentary film.
Writer: Petra Terzi
Country: Nafplio, Greece
Year: 2016
Language: Greek
Editors: Panos Papadopoulos, Nekarios Souldatos
Cinematography: Nektarios Souldatos

Duration: 23' 42''

In interviews students of Theater Studies at the University of Peloponnese in Nafplio, young students at the Conservatory of Music in Nafplio and adults attending the Bridges International Film Festival in Nafplio talk about their dreams for the city they live in, their birthplace and their lives. Ultimately they have a common goal - they wish love, health and well-being for themselves and the world. The Arts are their means of expression. Many choose to play an important role in achieving these goals and the bold ones will be the forerunners and the directors of the plays of life we will experience. The shooting took place during the 7th Peloponnese Bridges International Film Festival in Nafplio in October 19-29, 2016.

Supporters: Municipality of Nafplio, DOPPAT, Iliadis Group of Companies, Koroniotis Winery, AKMI Film School.

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