The Studio

Short Film - Proof of concept for a feature film

Title: The Studio
Genre: Youth drama
Director/Writer: Petra Terzi
Production: Petra Terzi
Assistant Director: Haris Karaoulanis
Director of Photography: Theodore Pettas
Assistant Director of Photography: Demetrios Manioros
Camera: Theodore Pettas, Demetrios Karagiannis, Demetrios Manioros
Original score: September – composed and performed by Ioannis Paplomatas
Editor: Alexander Sikalias, Venia Koromila
Sound design: Alexander Sikalias,Nikos Kouzis, Konstantinos Karvellas
Costumes: Aphroditi Vafiadou
Make up: Eliana Christou
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English
Year: 2016
Duration: 5'

Actors: Ioannis Paplomatas, Sofia Emmanouil, Georges Daskalos, Lena Goudaki, Panagiotis Andreadakis, Christos Gkipatas

Sofia, Lena, Panos and George -four young people and friends- are also members of the group "Success". They are identified as members with the same tattoo on their hand.
Sofia and Hercules, a musician, like each other. Hercules is not welcomed by Sofia's group of friends.
Sofia and Hercules make a decision...
It is the first student film written and directed by Petra Terzi (aka Stone).

Director's statement: My statement is to be original and authentic. To belong to yourself and to not be absorbed or altered by the 'gangs' and the system in order to be powerful or somewhere to belong.

•SFC 69 Cannes Festival, May 2016
•Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition
•SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival
•TIF Video Challenge
•New York Film Screenings, USA
•Sciuridae Film Festival, USA
•IndieWise FREE Virtual Festival, USA
•Film Egypt Festival, Egypt
•11th Cyprus International Film Festival, Cyprus
•7th Bridges International Film Festival, Greece



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