訟LOS 2007
International UltraMarathon of Crete Mountain race 520kms





TALOS is much more than another athletic event.
It is the biggest marathon race in Europe
It is the most beautiful in sight and the harder to keep up with, all over the world.
It is the third race of its kind all over the world, transverse in mountain coast and road of total length 520kms in 10 days!

TALOS is an athletic event drawing the attention of the Cretan but also the Pan-Hellenic and international athletic society. The international character of the race is expressed by participants from all over the world and the cultural environment throughout the island make this race being one of the most interesting marathons in the world. The traverse of the coasts and climbing of the island of Crete aims to include the most important natural beauties, as well as the historical, archaeological and religious monuments of the diachronic Crete.

The race was inspired, in August 1991, and it is scheduled by the marathon runner and also climber John Pantatosakis. After 7 years we are glad to announce the 2nd official and international UltraMarathon of Mountain Crete 慣alos, which will take place in July 2007.


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