Korean for “wild beat,” Dulsori captivates audiences with traditional Korean drumming and songs. Their infectious authentic rhythms awaken the human spirit. Inspired by the traditions of Korean farmers and using traditional, authentic instruments, their drumming is inspired by the sounds of nature and offer praise to natural forces.
A passionate celebration of the performers and audience, Dulsori’s performances evoke harmony along with a sense of community. The explosive and driving pulse of the percussion invites the audience to share in this collective energy. The performers use kkwaenggwari (small handheld gong), janggu (hourglass drum), buk (barrel drum), jing (gong) and numerous other authentic percussion instruments with astounding choreography to create a driving performance that inspires audiences.
 Everyone's high-spirited energy mingles and the ensemble always invites the audience to literally join the show. Dulsori's energetic and passionate team has staged hundreds of international performances.





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